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The sisters of St.Ann of Luzern, Central Province rendering our service to the society in various ways such as educating the children at schools and providing good physical health through our hospitals and other projects for the betterment of the society. St. Ann's Sudhan at Kuttur is a Home for elderly people who need a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere at their advance age of their life. It is our responsibility and homage to them that keep our elders safe and make sure the well-being of our senior citizens for all what we have is the fruit of their hardship and toil. St. Ann's Bhavan situates at Kuttur a place 8 K.M away from Thrissur, Kerala. This house is so attractive by the landscape and location itself; the green paddy fields and the coconut gardens give a pleasant, calm and quite view of a village atmosphere.

Discovering Jesus in every perosn under care especially those with speical needs and difficulties.

Active compassion and sensitive response to the needs issues and problems of the eledrly persons.

Promoting an acting spiritual life that would enable and maintain deep trus and confidence in God and growing in the experience of God's love.

promoting an active spiritual life that would enable and maintain deep trust and confidance in god and growing in the experience of god's love.

Maintenance of a conducive and favourable Emvironment in and around St.Ann's Sadan.

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